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Tableware material

Size: 8oz.

Storage: Store in a cool, dark place with the top closed for optimal freshness

Ingredients:Crispy fish skin, fish jus, nigella seeds , smoked paprika, Aleppo, fennel pollen, orange, oregano, kosher salt   

Process: We use all parts of the fish to extract the maximum flavor. We crisp the skin, dry the bones, then toast all the additional spices over hardwood to lock in the best flavors.

Our salts start with whole fresh ingredients that are dehydrated to preserve their integrity then slow-smoked over a wood fire. These savory salts are balanced with smokey and umami notes that complement meats, seafood, vegetables, soups, sauces, and cocktails. Our kitchen is 100% waste free! 

Inspiration:Use to cooking, finish, or marinade. Season meats, fish, or vegetables! There's no limits!

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