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November 23, 2020 2 min read

Wood Fire Food started with a mission to build community and memories around the fire through experiential events, each thoughtfully designed in partnership with local artists, farmers, and small businesses to tell a story that extends beyond the plate of food at the table. 

Our business is highly seasonal, we’ve spent the beginning of the year filling our calendar with exciting community events. Just as our second season was starting COVID-19 brought our business to a screeching halt. 

The hardest part about our current situation is the lack of human connection, the backbone of this company is to bring people together. The idea of gathering is why we love what we do. Since the start of social distancing, it caused us to think on our toes about what’s next? Not being able to interact with our customers while seeing our farm partners left with an abundance of food, restaurant workers without a job, and local artisans who supplied the restaurant industry became threatened by canceled orders. 

We thought how could we continue to serve and support our community while preserving our mission?  How can we continue to support our values of building a strong regional food system?   

Starting a home delivery service was the solution. Being able to take our “kitchen” wherever we want allows us to operate during these unprecedented times when all restaurant kitchens were mandated to close. Our online store was converted into an ordering system, we brought together our community of small businesses, artisans, chefs, local farms, and more to launch Wood Fire Food family-style home deliveries. 

We took the steps to not only feed our community but employ the local cooks and chefs in the area that are out of work due to the lockdown. We are sourcing our food from local farms and restaurants that have an overflow of products due to the lack of ordering from restaurants to offset the impact on their restaurants. 

In addition, we began working with local Influencers to gather donations to feed our front line workers in hospitals through donating time and ingredients to the MillionGallons campaign.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support our mission. Please be safe and stay healthy. We hope to serve you soon.

Best Wishes, 

Daniel Sabia 

Executive Chef / Founder